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Martianne (CEO) and Skylar (Co-Founder) began donating to people in need starting in 2016 when they were looking for a way to volunteer their time to help individuals in need. The thought of donating bags with essential necessities would bring hope to people in need. Skylar continually encouraged her mother to keep donating and spreading the word to fellow friends and families in ways that they could easily make a difference.

They collect any unused toiletries, blankets, book bags and many other items from friends, family, co-workers, and teammates and create care packages to deliver to children in foster care, the homeless, veterans, or even families that have suffered from fires or other unfortunate circumstances.

Trust by Tony & Keisha is proud to partner with Hearts of Skylar on their new merchandise.

Our goal is to help Hearts of Skylar continue spreading hope & love.

A percentage of each sale will go directly to Hearts of Skylar to continue the efforts of making a 

difference in the lives of those in need.


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